How did I get there, through this video on CNN on Barak Obama's doodles (OK Sarah Palin is in there too but I don't see lot's of drawing from her!).

Presidential Doodles very interesting and often revealing, a good short article here at the Atlantic.


For Fun or for practical purposes...

Design a Room

Very cool site, fun to place designer on and practical to give you ideas and a place to work out the room you're designing or re-designing!


Art and Malls

How do I get there?

Well I started here reading about the great old tradition of Malls as we know them may be dead. Which has a link to a site about Dead Malls. And on there is an article about The couple who lived in a mall and it turns out that one of those mall dwellers (which is a totally fascinating story of it's own) is quite a fascinating artist with a profile on RISD's site as an alum. See Michael Townsend creates Tape art which the home page describes as:

"a method of creating collaborative, temporary murals and installations using a
special low-adhesive Drawing Tape. For twenty years, we have worked in
hospitals, schools, museums, and public spaces all over the world.
on its scale, a Tape Art drawing can be made in a few hours or a few days. Once
completed, the drawing remains on the walls for only a short time: from several
hours to a couple of days. We develop the theme and content of each drawing
on-site as we draw."


Good Times ... Art

In googling Good Times run across a memory of Jimmie Walker's Art (who is really Ernie Barnes)


Shadows and Reflections on the web

Becoming a little transfixed by the "gadget" I added on the right bar of my blog with a shadow and reflection picture and sketching some of them, led me to Google Shadows and Reflections Photography. This site has beautiful photos, very relaxing and peaceful and each a piece of art to contemplate in a zen moment.

Pictorialism, a style of photography characterized by soft focus and artistic composition, dominated the realm of serious amateur photography from the early 1890s until the First World War. Hundreds of photographers, both amateur and professional, worked in the new style. Wilbur H. Porterfield (1873-1958) of Buffalo, New York, was a devoted practitioner of pictorialist photography throughout his life.


At Porterfield family gatherings, Wilbur H. Porterfield, a well-known photographer, often refused to take pictures of his relatives.
"He liked photographing things which were strongly natural. He did not want to be associated with portraiture -- he was an artist first and a photographer second," said Neil H. Porterfield, dean of the College of Arts and Architecture and Wilbur H. Porterfield's great-nephew. This from this site.
The Flatiron, 1904Edward Steichen
(American, born Luxembourg, 1879–1973)
Gum bichromate over platinum print
Steichen added color to the platinum print that forms the foundation of this photograph by using layers of pigment suspended in a light-sensitive solution of gum arabic and potassium bichromate. Together with two variant prints in other colors, also in the Museum's collection, The Flatiron is the quintessential chromatic study of twilight. Clearly indebted in its composition to the Japanese woodcuts that were in vogue at the turn of the century and, in its coloristic effect, to the Nocturnes of Whistler, this picture is a prime example of the conscious effort of photographers in the circle of Alfred Stieglitz to assert the artistic potential of their medium.

Way too much fun!


Get hung!

Check out this site, you can draw with a brush, splatter, change color and opacity of the paint. Pick a frame and then hang it in the gallery! You can also replay all your strokes back to see the steps you took when creating your masterpiece : ) A fun thing for a Monday!


A New President!

Joy! Peace! Great happiness! YAY : )

Obama is a very gifted individual and visionary, more than just a politician and we are all very blessed to have the opportunity to have said YES We can, YES let's do it, YES it matters. Last night in Obama's speech he gave America their pride back, and hope and change became real.