Art Nouveau is on my mind and Calder too!

While visiting a good friend over Columbus day weekend I browsed a book on Calder and also Art Nouveau. But since then life took over and I never pursued these yummy visuals further. And of course one day they pop back into your path as with any travel on the web it starts in one place and then off you go! I wanted to see what is currently on exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Art and guess what is there: an Art Nouveau jewelry exhibit. You can find a review and photos on the Boston Globe site...

I am not exactly sure what it is but there is something very fine to me about Art Nouveau so today -- if time permits -- I will explore it further! And perhaps Calder as well. A good start could begin at the San Francisco's Art Museum online Calder feature: The Breakthrough Years.

View a range of Calder's works here

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