Ok am so inspired by sketching lately and have been reading alot about sketch crawls! Another great idea I saw on the web today - a cool way to sketch on a trip: sketch grids. What a good way to keep memories of what you did on a trip: you can more easily carry it with you than photos, and best of all you can edit and select what you want to remember of the journey.

Then there are the "moments" which interrupt Urban sketching see Tommy Kane's blog here (Tommy's blog is a trip worth travelling within, love his style and thoughts). Although I have to admit these things happen even when sketching in the park! - OK - YES - some of us sketch as privately as possible as we aren't brave enough to have others see us at work yet!

Urban Sketchers site! What I found inspiring there was Stephen Gardner's observation: "I’m amazed by just how much can pass you by if you fail to stop and look." And maybe that is the biggest reason to just go ahead and sketch what stops you and makes you look. It doesn't have to be photogenically perfect (in fact it more likely will show it's value in the quirks and twists away from reality it takes as it breathes life into your sketchbook page).

Sketchcrawling bloggers: http://petescully.com/ and http://gdedios.blogspot.com/2008/10/sketchcrawl-20.html (ok so yes I found Pete via Gerald!!! But seriously they are both very talented... ) Check out SketchCrawl.com for the results of sketchcrawl's done from artists all over the world so cool it is like taking a trip seeing all that they saw through their eyes!

Sketch a day blog...

A really cool idea with sketchbooks:

And junky that I am following one link to another, leaping off the Sketch Grid blog above I find a link there to this blog, check out the iPhone sketches!!! I mean seriously wonderful work there (to my eyes) >: ) And um I am thinking that maybe that desire I've always had for the iPhone ... I should start seriously pursuing : )

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